Ever wonder what museum visitors are thinking of when they’re viewing works of art? More than the exhibit itself, I find myself concentrating on the viewers—the viewers’ stance, where their arms are—are they folded? Is one hand poised on the waist? Is the head tilted? How are they dressed?

This series was inspired by one of my favorite exhibits of all time. On display at The Met Breuer from March to September 2016, Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible addressed the question that can be so daunting to any artist: when is a work of art really finished? There were 190 works by artists from the Renaissance, as well as modern and contemporary artists. It was a fascinating exploration of the artists’ creative process, leaving you to question why they left their work unfinished. Was it intentional?

These questions were on my mind as I began work on the Museum Goers series represented here.